Mongomery Childs is the author, chief science officer, design engineer, and project leader of the SAFIRE PROJECT, a program developed to replicate the atmosphere of the sun in a laboratory on Earth. The SAFIRE project, under the auspices of Aurtas International Inc., has designed and constructed a one-of-a-kind lab that is currently delivering empirical results remarkable, if not stunning, in their scope.

From 2009 to the present, with his company Integem Technologies, Childs has worked in program & project management, engineering, design, applied physics, SRED, and product/business development. He is currently VP of Product and Business Development for Scirus Technologies Inc., which has developed a superior solar panel technology.

1994-2009: Montgomery Childs was the founder and CEO of Linear Transfer Systems Ltd; twice named in the top 100 Canadian companies for growth, with national and international sales totalling $110m. During this time Linear acquired numerous working patents and Registered Trade Marks, invented and developed proprietary systems, created a Team Project Management System for the Toyota Tacoma vehicle launch (a $4 Billion project over 5 years) – to note: this management system was adopted by Dana, Ford and Mazda. Linear has won a number of prestigious awards such as a Toyota 5 Star rating for 'Best Managed Companies'.

Childs has been awarded numerous patents and has created a number of Registered Trade Marks. He regularly gives public and institutional talks and is currently producing or co-producing a number of scientific papers relating to the SAFIRE PROJECT discoveries such as – for IOP Science – “Study of striations in a spherically symmetric hydrogen discharge.”


With almost 3 decades of complementary technical sales and hands on industrial instrumentation and electronics, Will has a proven track record of translating actions into business value. 

Will utilizes a collaborative approach to finding innovative results driven solutions, from such projects as design and building real time underground air quality monitoring, cement silo level monitoring and logistics, and others.

Will has experience in Contract services, writing scopes of work and project management.

A tech focused on delivering business value through effective application of technology on time and on budget.

Will worked with engineering firms to determine the best technology for the application in many industries and is a passionate innovator.

Will received his education from Durham College and Cambrian College in Electronics, Instrumentation, Refrigeration, and Marketing.