The performance graph below is a compilation of measured elements overlaid together to provide a good graphical interpretation of how the technology will perform over a one month period.

The Analysis was done based on two types of conditions: Manually Cleared and Un-cleared Solar Panels.

Manually Cleared Solar Panels:

  • A 15% increase in power production can be expected with a Solar Array that has been manually cleared.
  • The 15% increase in power production is a result of Scirus - Micro Thermal Dynamic Technology clearing residual contamination left over from manual cleaning.

Un-cleared Solar Panels:

  • A 40% increase in power production can be expected with a Solar Array that is not cleared.
  • The 40% increase in power production is a result of using Scirus - Micro Thermal Dynamic Technology which clears the entire solar panel to produce full power. 


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 Scirus Technologies Micro Thermal Dynamic Performance Analysis Background 

We recorded from the official Environment Canada Data Base the measured hourly precipitation, ambient temperature, average daily insolation, type of precipitation, azimuth, time, the rise in temperature to create the required zero friction and heat coefficients to clear the frozen contamination from the solar array.

We assigned insolation numbers from 1-10 based on sky opacity and precipitation. We extrapolated the potential power production based on the sky opacity number, cross referenced the real solar power produced in Kwh and determined best, average and worst case daily power production potential.

The solar power production data was extrapolated from 5 stations each with a 10Kwh production capability. All 5 stations were located in the same geographical area as Environment Canada’s weather reporting station. All measurements were done during the same time period, and measured on a “by the hour” basis over a period of 1 month.

Sweeping, scraping, climbing ladders or trudging through snow to clean your solar panels…

– is a thing of the past

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