Scirus - Micro Thermal Dynamic Technology

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Scirus Technologies Inc. - Winter Solutions for a Solar World -  

Micro Thermal Dynamic Heated Solar Photovoltaic Technology is exclusively owned by Scirus Technologies Inc. and is Patent Pending.

We melt ice and melt snow to slide it off the solar photovoltaic panel. Winter conditions with snow on solar panles, ice on solar panels, frozen solar panels. No more cleaning snow from solar panels, no more cleaning ice from solar panels. Very low power consumption to heat solar panels. Very efficient solar panel performance, very high solar power production, with no power loss. Snow-Melt Ice Melt in minutes - Scirus Technologies Inc. Melt snow from solar PV panels. Melt ice from Solar PV panels. Efficient Solar PV Panels, Efficient Solar Panels.
Scirus Technologies Inc.  - solar panel - patent pending

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